Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weather in the Mountains

Each week I get calls from folks with reservations...."Is it going to rain all weekend?"....."The Weather Channel says you have a {fill in the blank} percent chance of scattered showers" 

We know that you don't want to take a camping vacation and get rained out---that wouldn't be fun at all! Sometimes we will get one of those big storms that comes across the country and we'll have a few rainy days in a row--but generally the rain is scattered and moves through pretty quickly. 

Remember that none of the weather web sites or TV shows are 100% accurate about the weather--and they're even less accurate for things that are going to happen a few days away or next weekend.   I find that does a great job for our area.

The Cherokee Indians say that the "Mountains make the weather."   

As the weather moves into the mountains it will break up and a potential thunderstorm becomes a gentle shower.  I've watched it rain on the mountain just north of the campground while we were dry.  
The Smoky Mountains are considered a temperate rain forest.   The rain that moves through the Smokies keeps it lush and cool and green.   And the only time to see the "Smoke" rise is after a rain.  (This is a picture I took near Balsam Mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway.)

Rainbow over Flaming Arrow Camp ground 5/17/10

So come prepared for mountain weather---bring shorts and swim suits; bring jeans and a sweat shirt and a jacket for cool nights and mornings. Plan to set up a dining canopy or awning.  Bring a tarp to put over your tent....or call early enough to reserve one of our tent shelter sites.  We have gravel in our sites so that if it does rain, you won't be in the mud.  We also have a list of fun things to do on a rainy day!   And you might be lucky enough to see a rainbow!